I am affected most by my being outside and noticing. Daily walks out into the surrounding countryside with my studio hound, gardening and working on my allotment, act as my starting point. A momentary experience affects me - elation, apprehension, relaxation... Then, when I begin to create - I explore whatever processes that come to the fore! A dialogue begins. A narrative unfolds. The conversation can last for months, years even until everything that needs to be said has been said.

I enjoy the process because of the thinking it creates, the problems that get solved and the growth that takes place in me and my understanding. Not all that you see on this website is finished.  Some conversations are still very active. You can see a visual record of my practice here in my tumblr blog.

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Hi. I'm Tracy.

I am expressive artist curious about the world around and within me. I create pieces based upon my observational and intuitive response to Land, from Nature's ephemeral beauty and how I react to it, to the way in which land in my locality is worked and farmed, to the ancient communities that once inhabited Place. This, and our own native powers, is what ignites my creative energies. When engaged with 'process', the learning is spell binding.

My approach is instinctive; I generally acknowledge a need to explore and understand cycles and the passage of time. 

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What Inspires Me To Be Creative?

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"Deeper understanding confers that most precious thing - wonder!"

Professor Brian Cox