Igniting Spirit

Hi. I'm Tracy.

I am expressive artist curious about the world around and within me. I create pieces based upon my observational and intuitive response to experiencing landscape and nature.

I often think that Nature's ephemeral beauty is so amazing and perfect that for me to replicate it exactly as it is, represents not the Truth for me. The Truth for me is to show how I am affected by it.

Ancient communities that once inhabited our land, leaving behind them a legacy of mystery and spirit, intrigue me. This, coupled with our own native powers, is what propels me into creating. When engaged directly with 'process', I feel alive; the soul is happily conscious. 

My approach is experimental and playful and maybe a bit scientific and serious! But I generally acknowledge a need to explore and understand. What emerges in form comes from this observation and experience of landscape, its cycles and the passage of time. 

TRACY METCALFErunning loose

Painter - Print Maker - Book Artist | Tutor | Creative Guide

"Deeper understanding confers that most precious thing - wonder!"

Professor Brian Cox