running loose

Hi. I'm Tracy.

When my hands aren't covered with charcoal, inks or glue, it is usually soil and muck! I love to garden and my artistic vision is inspired very much by my “Soul Soil” world – my connection to Land. I am the Dirty Hand Artist!

I create pieces based upon my observational and intuitive response to Nature's ephemeral energy and my reaction to it, to the way Land in my locality is worked and farmed and to the ancient communities that once inhabited Place; leaving behind voices in the echo of Time. My distinctive approach generally acknowledges a need to explore and understand cycles, the passage of time and what emerges from my own Self exploration.

I use gelatine print techniques and the printed word using my beloved Adana 8 x 5 Letterpress. I use paper and thread, I fold and stitch, bind and publish to make intriguing and beautiful handmade books. I also paint.

Dirty Hand Artist

I walk.

I record.

I garden.

I become.

I draw.

I paint.

I print.

I make.

I breathe...

Working on my allotment and in my garden 'studios' and walking the landscapes of the Solway inspire my thinking and support my artistic vision.

Dirty Hand Artist is an off shoot of my work as an emerging interdisciplinary artist and my business Running Loose. I dip into a language of many creative genres to express my voice or feelings. I post new things here on face​book and tumblr.


"I have worked with Tracy in her mentoring role for over a year and have constantly found it a rewarding and inspiring experience. This was especially apparent when we worked on a painting together which was helping me develop a looser and different style to the traditional oil painting techniques I had been used to.

Tracy was full of ideas and encouragement...and very patient too! I have been very impressed with how she has known exactly how to help with an issue – this might have been a very useful handout or it might have been pointing me to an artist’s work that she thought I would gain from or it might simply have been through very interesting and stimulating conversations between the two of us. She was always very well prepared with materials etc. too. Can’t recommend her highly enough."

Vanessa Scott

Get in touch here if you would like to know more about the guidance I provide.

Mentorship and Creative Guidance

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

Pablo Picasso

I observe|I listen|I feel | I sense | I express

To keep in touch with you all, I am looking to issue a quarterly newsletter. The one below was written 19th March 2018. I will upload the most recent to this page and to facebook. If I have your email, I will send out a copy too. My next newsletter will be published on 21st June 2018. If you would like receive a newsletter please complete the form here.


I have run workshops and courses for a number of organisations since I set up my business. If you are interested in my creative support, get in touch!