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November 2014 and April 2015 - Eden Lighthouse - Make Your Own Video Films

January 2015 - Using Gmail effectively in your Business; Facebook for Business Part 1 - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

February 2015 - Social Media Bootcamp - Paul Teague; Marketing Tips that don't cost the Earth - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

March 2015 - Facebook for Business Part 2 - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; 1-2-1 mentoring - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Creativity and Mark Making - Vega Brennen and Joanna Walton - Art Education North West

May 2015 - The Mercury Model - Helyn Conner

May 10 August 2015 - Business Mentoring (10 hours) Justine Douglas - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Pricing for Profit - Denise Conroy - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

June 2015 - A Wild Soul Women - ecourse

June 2015 - Red Tent Gathering

July 2015 - 1-2-1 mentoring - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

August 2015 - Wordpress - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Storytelling - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

September 2015 - Arts and Crafts Houses in Cumbria - Tullie House lecture; LinkedIn for Business - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of commerce

October 2015 - Organising your Social Media Content - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

November 2015 - What Kind of Tree am I? Intuitive Painting workshop by Kas Martin

January 2016 - Your Personal Venus - Helyn Conner

March 2016 - Life-drawing session, tour and talk about University of Cumbria's courses and advice on portfolios. - Martin Fowler, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Studio Tutor in Drawing and Painting - Art Education North West

March 2016 - Creating a Vision Board - Soni Cox

April 2016 - Rainbow of the Soul Workshop; Chakras, Colours and their Hidden Messages - Anna-Louise Haigh; Your Customer Journey - Justine Douglas - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

May 2016 - Blogging for Business - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

August 2016 - Camden Town Painters - Professor Patrick Oats - Higham Hall

October 2016 - Expressive Landscapes - Alex Jacob-Whitworth

January 2017 - Figure Drawing - Professor Patrick Oats - Higham Hall

April 2017 - Contemporary Painting With Narrative - Steve Humble - Higham Hall


My Learning

1992 Graduated from St Martin’s College, Lancaster with a Bachelor of Education and a Subject Specialism in Art and Design (II i)

Between 1992 and 2014 I was a Primary School Teacher working in 3 very different schools, but all with a belief that the Arts are central to the development of children. In each setting, I lead and managed the Creative Curriculum enabling pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to have access to creative experiences through the mediums of  Art, English (including Poetry) and Drama, Handwriting (the Art of Calligraphy), Dance and Music. I was also a Senior Manager and was involved in the day to day management of school life and leadership for staff and learning.

I am a qualified teacher and mentor of children and adults with over 22 years’ experience in Education and Educational Leadership for the Arts

My CV mainly details those experiences that centre specifically on my development of skills in Art Leadership. However, in my teaching career I have accrued many more skills in Education that I transfer to my business practice with Running Loose.

Throughout my teaching career I have regularly run lunchtime and after-school clubs in a range of Art and Craft experiences

1993 – planned and delivered a weekend residential for Key Stage 1 pupils on The Hobbit. Children worked with a local artist Beryl Brown to make a large scale willow and tissue paper sculpture of Gollum

1994 – 1995 - worked part time (in addition to my full time teaching post) as an art practitioner for the Gifted and Talented Association, Stockport, to provide Saturday morning art workshops for children up to the age of 12

1995 – Masters Studies at University College, Chester in:

Visual Studies: Theory and Practice

3D Studies and Visual Learning
Shakespeare in the Classroom
(all were High Passes)

1995 – 1997 I attended several weekend courses with artists such as Sonia Boyce and illustrators such as Jane Ray which were run by The National Society for Art and Design Education

1996 – with another member of staff, we worked with Key Stage 2 children to perform The Tempest at the Contact Theatre in Manchester for the Manchester Arts Festival wearing costumes made entirely from paper

1997 – applied for and gained Arts Mark Gold

1997 – 2002 – planned and coordinated Year 6 Art Residencies at the Menai Centre on Anglesey each Summer which culminated in an Art Exhibition and Performance to parents

1998 – worked with paper sculptor, Philip Cox, to produce a series of life-size characters for a community art exhibition linked to the locality of Burtonwood during the Second World War; this provided children from Reception through to Year 6 with an opportunity to meet a real artist in residence

2000 – Millennium Dome, London – Exhibition of Primary Art for Our Town’s Story – produced work with Year 5 and 6 children and travelled to London to set up the exhibition with staff from a link High School

2001 – helped establish the Da Vinci Arts Network for Primary Schools in Warrington whose aim was to celebrate Primary Art in an annual Arts Festival in Warrington

2004-2005 – worked across the school as art specialist to develop drawing skills with children in Reception and Key Stage 1

2005 - provided Bookmaking INSET for staff from a network of Primary Schools in Warrington

2008 – 2010 career break – to look after my very young daughter and to support the Home Schooling Community in Stockport and Manchester and relocate from Manchester to Carlisle

2009 - 2010 provided INSET for teaching staff on Using Sketchbooks with Children

2010 – worked with weaver Steve Wilson to coordinate a whole school project to produce a felt weaving story based upon an imaginary retelling of the Legend of Finglandrigg Wood involving older members of the community working alongside children

2010 - link person in the development of the Solway Wetlands Project which included successfully winning a grant from the Lottery Commission to create a local heritage education centre and wetland trail for children and the public including a sculpture trail based on animals of the local habitat

 2011 – worked with Wacky Woods to coordinate a whole school project and inter-school staff development opportunity for Forest Schools in creatively using the outdoors environment to develop themes on fairies, mini-beasts and shelters

2011 - coordinated an exhibition of Key Stage 2 children's artwork and writing for the Faces in the Crowd exhibition in Warrington which also became an opportunity for staff to capture ideas for future teaching and learning

2012 - liaised with Alf Philips at Cumbria University to develop the teaching and learning of sketchbooks to children in Year 5 and 6 - project underpinned by a research article in the Journal of Art and Design Education (1993) by Gillian Robinson: Tuition or Intuition? Making and using Sketchbooks with a Group of Ten-Year-Old Children.

2012 – worked with Living Willow Sculptor, Phil Bradley, to coordinate a whole school project to improving the woodland environment with living sculptures to manage over time

2012 – applied for and gained Arts Mark Gold

2012 – qualified as an Arts Award Advisor for Discovery and Explore

2012 – gained accreditation - National Professional Qualification of Headship with the College of Education and Leadership

2013 – coordinated a touring Art Exhibition for The Three Solway Churches Development Project on the theme ‘Heritage in the Community’

Feb 2015 to October 2016 - volunteer artist in residence at Notwen House Residential Care Home working with people who have dementia

Feb - Mar 2015 - Bookmaking workshops for Creative Wellbeing

Mar 2015 to date - member of Art Education North West

April 2015 - speaker at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, Carlisle - "Drawing with the Soul" - how and why I use intuitive art

May 2015 - creative stand at Fairy Day Kirklinton Hall for Magical Mel

Sept 2015 to Sept 2016 – part time art tutor for Adult Education Carlisle - courses in Art History, Drawing and Painting and Experimental Drawing

Oct 2015 - provided children's bookmaking workshops for Half Term at Rheged - concertina books

Oct 2015 - art exhibition coordinator for Luminate at Notwen House

Nov 2015 - workshop facilitator for Bookmaking, Burgh-by-Sands - single signature books

Dec 2015 - workshop provided for a vulnerable group of women in Carlisle on Journal Making

April 2016 - speaker at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, Carlisle - "Drawing with the Soul" - how and why I use intuitive art

May 2016 - taster art workshop for Croftland's Trust, Carlisle

June 2016 to date - member of Cumbria Printmakers

August 2016 - provided children's bookmaking workshops for Rheged - Japanese stab books

August 2016 - workshop provider for Handmade Sketchbooks, Burgh-by-Sands - single signature and stab books

August 2016 - set up and stewarded the 5 yearly art exhibition at Burgh by Sands Village Hall

September 2016 to date - freelance tutor for daytime Drawing and Painting classes for adults in Hayton and Burgh-by-Sands, 1-2-1 Creative Guidance, bookmaking workshops and working on own practice

Oct 2016 - volunteer artist and art exhibition coordinator for Luminate 2016 with Notwen House and Kirkpatrick Fleming Primary School

November 2016 - four paintings accepted for the annual CD Collection Exhibition at The Inchmore Gallery, Inverness, Scotland

December 2016 - workshop facilitator for Bookmaking, Burgh-by-Sands - single signature books

January 2017 - 1-2-1 creative guidance for children

June 2017 - exhibition at The Witham, Barnard Castle with Cumbria Printmakers

September 2017 - joint exhibition with Vega Brennan of The Linden Press for C-Art

October 2017 - exhibition at Grasmere Village Hall with Cumbria Printmakers and Cumbria Sculptors