What Makes You Take Notice?

Often it is sunlight or moonlight which causes me to see something in a new way and develop a new meaning for things. Thankful to be witness to such moments, I seek out their message - what can I learn from this moment through creating?

Sun Dance

Flag book, acrylic gelli print, gold leaf, paper, card

I slowed down after illness.

I gardened.

I noticed.

I paint, make prints and construct Book Art.

Sun Dance is as much about my newer perceptions of the seasons and time passing as it is about celebrating my new beginning.

May 2016 – in my makeshift garden studio I noticed how May brought with it the strength of the Sun’s energy. In our Western weather system of rain, and abundant Solway winds, the heat and the power of the Midsummer Sun marched through; even if it was short lived and in sporadic bursts. I was taken aback by its sincere strength. Had I never noticed this before?

I painted my response to this observation in intuitive fashion, in watery inks and masking fluid.

The heat.

His strength.

My surprise.

My growth.

When I decided to put together a piece of work for an exhibition with Cumbria Printmakers this year – at the time of the Summer Solstice 2017 – I decided I would focus on this snap shot of time; momentary, transitory; my understanding of an incredible expression of Nature; otherwise missed in the past due to frenetic workloads and exhaustion.

SUMMER SOLSTICE - Wednesday 21st June 2017
Sun enters Cancer 05:24 BST

"At the Summer Solstice the Sun has reached its climax. It is the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice is the midpoint of the year; the peak of the Sun’s power, even though from now on it will be waning.

Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the creative power of the Sun. It is a time to reflect on both, the process of becoming and the process of death."

I have left old me far behind.

I am loving the new me that has only really started to be...

A little about my work

In April this year I began to just draw. I was asked to draw anything. I chose to draw Line. Over three intensive days, with the guidance of a tutor, I explored Line and what it meant to me.

I considered many things.

Line is a strong element of Sun Dance and forms part of my enquiry into Line.

As I read about the Sun's energy, I was drawn into another world of scientific language relating to natural phenomenon...

- coral mass ejections

- varied eruptions of mass and energy

- a continuous flow of charged particles

And I began to explore various types of threads and journeys they took across the surface of the gelli plate to create Sun Dance.


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