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I have always been pulled towards alternative approaches to mainstream education that push the boundaries of our understanding of personal growth and learning. It's exciting. Compelling. And mostly evidence based. It is the reason why I entered the profession all those years ago. It's CREATIVE.


I think also it resonates with the way I learnt and developed as a youngster.


As teachers, we cannot 'vision' our children's future. But we can foster creative, practical thinkers and problems solvers and emotionally grounded citizens; of mind (reflective), of body (physical) and of feeling (emotional). And we can gently support parents in this partnership too where support is requested.


I feel that our role is gentle cajoling and encouragement, coaching, being enthusiastic and motivational - to inspire and capture interest and turn it into passion; instruction and support given when and where needed, personalised and especially when requested by children.


I have a belief that children learn best when their own personalised ways of communicating are integral to their learning so they can talk about their learning with confidence.


Each time, I have found that children's peers, friends and younger children are powerful drivers to creating, sharing, doing and learning.


The works of exemplars – real artists, writers, scientists, authors, dancers, mathematicians can all inspire too.


But amazingly, I discovered, many children, BEST prefer to have time to think for themselves and to come up with something original or choose their own preferences! This is because, I believe, their 'feelings' become a hugely important component in driving their learning forward.


They say – “it is spending time thinking which stimulates me to be creative”.


 Children are truly powerful learners.


If you want your children to have the creative freedom to 'run loose and to fly free'...


If you feel there is too much prescription in education....


If you feel there is not enough opportunity for children to be themselves...


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I have been working in primary education since 1992 across all age ranges from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6.  I have accumulated a wealth of experience along the way – from colleagues, from consultants, through networking, from working with outside agencies, from parents and especially from children. [Please read my Biography].