TRACY METCALFErunning loose


Acrylic paint on canvas with metallic embellishment - work in progress

A different beauty reached out - 

Just a tiny bit,

But it was still too cool to venture far.

Deep, deep, deep in the dark earthy warmth,

New energy was stirring; 

A new song was being composed.

Its tune was Hope

And its melody Dance. 

Does SHE Show You The Way?

I have been observing the cycle of the seasons for a while now; learning so much! So much I had not ever witnessed before when my pace was too fast. Now, I savour the nuances between one season and the next. And I am fascinated by how these shifts in awareness were celebrated by our ancestors forming ritual.


These thumbnail previews are part of a larger painting which celebrates the magic of the Celtic Festival of Imbolc.

This painting is an exploration into the mood and atmosphere of this moment in time; transient, magical, breath-holding.

I revisit this painting once a year only. It is executed outside, at night on the eve of Imbolc (February 1st).

It is my intention to allow the atmospheric and seasonal conditions play a part in its production. My next update with be February 1st 2018!