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Charity Begins At Home

"Moon Pennies" - a folk name given to the seed pods of 'wild flower' Lunaria. Amongst Nature we heal and thrive. Without pollinators, Nature becomes sick. Moon Pennies is a charity I have set up to support Bee Conservation. Each time I sell one of my artist's books, 25% goes to the charity Moon Pennies.

At the moment money raised is going towards growing bee friendly plants from seeds, which I sell locally, raising more money for Moon Pennies and enabling everyone to do their bit for Nature and pollinators. This year I have grown achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'. I grow them in peat pots which can be planted directly into the ground in Autumn and all packaging is environmentally friendly. I am sorry, I do not ship/send these through post. They are grown and sold locally.

To begin with, a yearly newsletter will be released, each autumn, detailing how money raised is being spent on Bee Conservation.

Moon Pennies