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When I was very young, I was always making something; living and learning through being creative. Art became a big part of my life and education right through to graduating with a teaching degree from St Martin's College, Lancaster. My subject specialist was Art and Design and my area of interest at the time was Sculpture and Media.

Although I was dissuaded from a career as an artist at secondary school, Art and Design was my area of leadership in Primary Education for 20 years.  I am an Arts Award Advisor for the Discovery and Explore qualification and have a wealth of experience linked to developing Art in the Primary School Curriculum.

I left Primary Education to focus on my own practice as an artist, which I rarely had time to do.

Where it all began...

About me

In 2015, after a 20 year career in Primary Education, I decided to focus on my creative practice. Last year, I created an Artists Book for an exhibition with Cumbria Printmakers and took part in my first ever C-Art selling monoprints and handmade journals and sketchbookS. You can see a selection of the projects/themes I am currently working on here. In addition to my work as an emerging artist, over the last three years I have led courses and workshops for adults and children in Drawing and Painting, Experimental Drawing, Bookmaking and Art History. I also volunteered in a Residential Home to provide creative activities for people with dementia which culminated in an exhibition for Luminate's Creative Aging Organisation in Scotland in 2015 and 2016. A number of organisations such as Creative Wellbeing and Rheged have approached me to run workshops for them too. And I have also established a 1-2-1 Creative Guidance service for anyone wishing to develop their own creative vision.

The best thing about the way I work now, is that I can organise my weeks to be able to spend a lot more time outside, in the surrounding environment of the Solway landscape, my garden or my allotment, noting down the seasonal changes, the light, the activities of people working the land and the wheel of time. It is both inspiring and uplifting and provides me with an opportunity to learn about Place and myself. I hope, in my work, I can bring a special sense of that awareness to you.

I live at the western end of Hadrian's Wall in a village called Burgh-by-Sands.

As well as my creative interests, I also enjoy camping, exploring Scotland, kundalini yoga and cooking and I have a curious interest in our ancient traditions and customs and the lost spiritual lore of our ancestors.

Leaving Primary Education led me to take a HUGE Leap of Faith. I connected with a number of amazing and wonderful people who helped me through this life change. It wasn't easy!

I continue to connect with my Angels and to show my gratitude for their help, guidance and wisdom, I thought it would be a fab idea to dedicate a part of this website to them here, just in case you have not crossed their paths. It's a virtual directory!

When you visit each thumbnail you can read my recommendation and hop straight to their website by tapping on or clicking on the 'link' icon in the bottom right hand corner. Thank you all!

My Story

Angels in Suburbia