November 2014 and April 2015 - Eden Lighthouse - Make Your Own Video Films

January 2015 - Using Gmail effectively in your Business; Facebook for Business Part 1 - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

February 2015 - Social Media Bootcamp - Paul Teague; Marketing Tips that don't cost the Earth - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

March 2015 - Facebook for Business Part 2 - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; 1-2-1 mentoring - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Creativity and Mark Making - Vega Brennen and Joanna Walton - Art Education North West

May 2015 - The Mercury Model - Helyn Conner

May 10 August 2015 - Business Mentoring (10 hours) Justine Douglas - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Pricing for Profit - Denise Conroy - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

June 2015 - A Wild Soul Women - ecourse

June 2015 - Red Tent Gathering

July 2015 - 1-2-1 mentoring - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

August 2015 - Wordpress - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce; Storytelling - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

September 2015 - Arts and Crafts Houses in Cumbria - Tullie House lecture; LinkedIn for Business - Paul Teague - Cumbria Chamber of commerce

October 2015 - Organising your Social Media Content - Jackie Harris - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

November 2015 - What Kind of Tree am I? Intuitive Painting workshop by Kas Martin

January 2016 - Your Personal Venus - Helyn Conner

March 2016 - Life-drawing session, tour and talk about University of Cumbria's courses and advice on portfolios. - Martin Fowler, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Studio Tutor in Drawing and Painting - Art Education North West

March 2016 - Creating a Vision Board - Soni Cox

April 2016 - Rainbow of the Soul Workshop; Chakras, Colours and their Hidden Messages - Anna-Louise Haigh; Your Customer Journey - Justine Douglas - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

May 2016 - Blogging for Business - David Kinsella - Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

August 2016 - Camden Town Painters - Professor Patrick Oats - Higham Hall

October 2016 - Expressive Landscapes - Alex Jacob-Whitworth

January 2017 - Figure Drawing - Professor Patrick Oats - Higham Hall

April 2017 - Contemporary Painting With Narrative - Steve Humble - Higham Hall

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About Tracy Metcalfe

Ever since leaving primary teaching in 2014, I have began to focus on my own creative visual practice. My work has taken me on many adventures in drawing and painting, print making and book art. Along the way, I have led courses and workshops in these areas and in Art History and have met many wonderful people from all walks of life. I have produced work for two exhibitions and sold prints and handmade sketchbooks and notebooks. It has lead me to create this website and in 2018 I am hoping to open a shop and begin writing a book which I am giving myself two years to do.

The best thing about my way of working, is that I spend far more time now outside, in the surrounding environment of the Solway landscape, noting down the seasonal changes, the light, the activities of farmers working the land and the wheel of time. It is both inspiring, uplifting and an opportunity to learn about Place and myself. I hope, in my work, I can bring this sense of special magic to you.

Where it all began...

I'm from Lincolnshire originally...